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Much like Montana, the Silver Star provides a relaxed elegance that is difficult to find anywhere else. It’s a place you can see politicians sit next to cowboys and savor the moments of the evening in style. When you join us for an evening, you get more than a meal. You get an experience centered around the finest food, the most excellent service, and of course, steaks cooked to perfection.

We use the freshest ingredients to create our one-of-a-kind dishes and entrées. We are always striving for excellence in the quality of our food and service and are happy to present your meal to you at our convenient, downtown location, in the Great Northern Town Center. Enjoy live music from local musicians every Monday and Tuesday from 6-8 pm, Happy Hour Monday through Friday 4-6 pm, and of course an array of delectable entrées, appetizers, desserts, and cocktails every night.

Silver Star Steak Company
Jim Bos & Kurt Shull
Silver Star Steak Company

Meet the Owners Culinary Creatives!

Jim Bos

If you would have told a young Jim Bos he would someday be a restaurant owner, he most surely would not have believed you. A local man who was born and raised in Montana, Jim chose Montana State University as the place he’d finish his undergrad. The degree he was handed on graduation day was not one of business, financing, or anything else you’d associate with his current profession. Instead, he majored in architecture, a field he worked in for over 20 years.

When asked about his transition from architecture to the restaurant world, Jim doesn’t find it all too strange. “They both take a certain type of creativity” he explains. That creativity is what has helped Jim become such a successful restaurant owner. It’s kept him one step ahead in an environment that is always changing and posing new challenges. Along with his creativity, it’s Jim’s finance acumen that makes him a Renaissance man as an owner.

In the 1980’s, Jim met a young dishwasher working in the back of a friend’s restaurant. This meeting with Kurt Shull set the wheels in motion that led to their successful business partnership. He and Kurt have worked alongside one another for nearly four decades, and it’s a partnership that the Montana community has deeply benefited from.

Kurt Shull

Kurt Shull is the effortless personification of all the things you love about Montana. He’s a hard‐working, quality‐driven man with a peaceful kind of quiet to him. Fourteen years from when he first opened the doors to Silver Star, Kurt still gets out of bed every day with the same mission in mind—to create a quality culinary experience that satisfies his customers.

That’s what it’s all about for the longtime owner. He’s gone above and beyond to make sure that every aspect of his business is rooted in the kind of quality that makes for an outstanding experience. And for Kurt, “It all starts in the back.” From making sure his staff is happy to bringing as many local goods into his kitchen as possible, Kurt puts an exceptional level of care into the customer’s meal before it’s even on the table.

As for those local ingredients, they’ll find themselves divvied into an array of menu items that give the Helena restaurant one of the most unique menus in town. For Kurt, determining what items end up on his menu is a combination of creativity and steadfast loyalty. He isn’t afraid to try something new that pushes the boundaries of Montana cuisine but will always listen to his customers. He keeps his ear to the ground about they like best, and they keep coming back year after year.