Silver Star Steak Company proudly serves only Certified Angus Beef, the finest and most consistent quality of beef on the market. Black Angus Cattle are carefully  selected from reputable family ranches in America’s heartland. Due to strict Specifications followed by Certified Angus Beef brand, only 8% of the beef make the cut. We also extend our aging process from 21 days to a minimum of 40 days on our Ribeye and New York Strip resulting in buttery tenderness and mouth-watering flavor.


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A little slice of heaven from a little slice of heaven.
The Certified Angus Beef ® beginnings were humble. A group of family ranchers determined to create a brand of beef where every cut was incredibly juicy, exceptionally tender and full of flavor. The result was the Certified Angus Beef ® brand, a beef they’re so proud of that they haven’t changed in nearly 40 years. Certified Angus Beef ®  is still just a group of family ranchers who want nothing more, and nothing less, than to create the best Angus beef ever made.